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Andromeda Yachts was born in 2010 in Panama to serve customers in the Isthmus and in the neighboring Costa Rica and Colombia.  Today it’s a growing business throughout the Caribbean with headquartes in Panama City, offices Cartagena de Indias, Costa Rica Los Suenos Marina, Saint Maarten, Grenada, Roatan and soon in Santo Domingo.  Andromeda Yachts members all have decades of experience in the yachting industry and a great passion for the sea. If you look for a motor boat, a catamaran or a sailboat Andromeda Yachts will certainly be your trusted partner 
andromeda yachts


Andromeda represents some of the best brands on the yacht’s market in catamarans, sail and motor. Let us accompany you in the wonderful experience of acquiring a new unit.


Even if you want to sell or buy a preowned unit in Andromeda Yachts you’ll find a fast, efficient and reliable partner.

andromeda yachts
andromeda yachts


Enjoy a unique holiday in the best destinations of the Caribbean onboard best selected and managed yachts or owna boat in one of our charter program, a very smart way to enjoy your boat and have economical returns.


Offices in Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten/Saint Martin island is a strategic hub in the Lesser Antilles, from here Andromeda directs all charter operation. Sealine, and Fjord are brands represented locally.

Roberto Bracco

CEO and Founder Andromeda Yachts Roberto Bracco is a yacht broker since 1975, he began with motor boats but he suddenly understood the enormous potential of the catamarans and from 1995 he began to focus on this type of unit. He created Catamaran Center which in the years turned out to be one of the most famous company in Europe dedicated 100% to catamarans. It has been for almost 15 years exclusive importer for all Italy of the prestigious Lagoon Catamarans brand, selling annually more than 30 new catamarans plus second hand. Mr. Bracco designed, sold and built 4 completely custom catamarans of 55 and 60 feet. He owned two successful lagoon 570 in charter 5 Stars. His specialty. During the deepest crisis of 2008/2010 European nautical industry he decided to move to the Caribbean Sea where he founded in 2010 Andromeda Yachts in Panama. Today he continues to serve his happy customers from St Maarten and Panama. Directs and manages all hotel charter operation in addition to selling the brands represented in St Maarten; It also deals with the boats in the northern area of the Antilles.
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian

Offices in Panama

Panama is the home base of Andromeda Yachts, from here all operations are directed. Lagoon, Sealine, Fjord, Dehler, Hanse, Moody are the represented brands

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Email: gianluca@andromedayachts.com Mobile: +590690250280 also Whatsapp Mobile 2: +50764040502

Gianluca Bracco

Gianluca Bracco started very young in sailing with his father, when 15 he was already displayer in boatshows. He sold his first boat at 18 and from there he has been 100% involved in Catamaran Center where he has been for years a very active dealer and broker of new units and second hands.
At 26 he decided to make a different experience and came to be part of the Italian exclusive distributor of Ferretti Yachts- Ferretti Custom Line and Mochi Craft, where he spent 8 years and has been the most prolific seller of the history of the Northwest office, besides being the youngest entire Ferretti Group to have sold, contractualized and built a Ferretti Custom Line at the age of 27 years.
With the deep crisis of the Ferretti Group in 2012 and the subsequent acquisition by Chinese group Mr Bracco stood out from this shipyard. He now bears his experience and enthusiasm to the customers of Andromeda Yachts in the Caribbean Sea.
Is MCA / RYA Yachtmaster Ocean 200 GT, with more than 30,000 miles sailed.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian.

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Email: alberto@andromedayachts.com Mobile: +507 6295-0550 also Whatsapp

Alberto Bracco

The youngest of the Bracco family. Person of great technical knowledge on both motor boats and sailboats, Alberto Bracco also grew in the sailing industry with his father and he has a huge passion for the sea. Very much appreciated by his customers he’s a very skilled captain, very good manager of large units and charter operations. He has directed for years a 28 meters in charter in Panama. Today he is active in Andromeda as director and coordinator of the technical department, as well as dealing with the sale of a charter and brokerage.
Languages: English, Spanish, Italian.

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Email: gianni@andromedayachts.com Mobile: +507 6039-3837 also Whatsapp

Gianni Ferrera

Gianni Ferrera is the technical genius of Andromeda. There is no part of a boat unknown for him, he repairs anything with a unique intelligence and efficiencie. Mechanical, Electrical, fiber and paint technician, electronic, hydraulic systems, etc … Gianni is a jewel in Andromeda. Today he deals with the after sales service and warranties. He directs important refit operations at 360 ° with selected technical equipment. He’s also captain sail and power without limits.
Languages: Spanish, Italian.

Offices in Roatan​

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Email: arie@andromedayachts.com
Mobile: +504 3335-2316 also Whatsapp

Arie Van Roon​

Mr Van Roon has been for many years one of the most prolific private jet broker in the world. He has always been a deep passionate of sea, coming to own 3 boats at the same time. He is now engaged in yachts sales with Andromeda from his base in Roatan and Santo Domingo
Languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian


Andrdomeda represent some of the best brands in the world. Please note territoriality apply.

absolute leader in the market of cruising catamarans today it offers a great range of units. During the years the attention to each detail have been increased exponentially at Lagoon. Today in China this type of boat is not called catamaran, they call it Lagoon!

The lines of a 10 years ago Hanse are now copied by other shipyards. Hanse has dictated and dictates trends, it has character, it’s innovative and modern, it has unique style, a unique character. Hanse grew so much that is now Hanse Group, one of the larger builder in the world.

The sailing boat where you live like in a motor one. With its 360 ° crystals it allows to live live always in the main bridge. Much appreciated by motorboaters who want to transit in the sail or from blue water cruisers. The regatta unit of Hanse Group, Dehler is attractive, fast and fun. German quality and precision.

The regatta unit of Hanse Group, Dehler is attractive, fast and fun. German quality and precision.

A historical reference in the motor nautical today with German engineering. Sealine year is gaining major awards. very smart boats, bright and great liveability, cared for by Italian architects.

The most stylish, innovative, daring open day cruiser. A show of style and power.

A Privilège is more than just an elegant, individually tailored sailing catamaran. A Privilège is a statement: the statement to enjoy luxurious life beyond coastal borders.




With bases in St Maarten/BVI Grenada and the Grenadines we offer an high quality crewed charter with hotel service.

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Email to: info@andromedayachts.com

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